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X-SCRUB MINI (11 Inch) 1 Brush Micro Floor Scrubber

X-SCRUB MINI (11 Inch) 1 Brush Micro Floor Scrubber

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This is lightweight, high-quality floor scrubber you need. Forget the messy mop and get in all the tight spots with the X-Scrub Mini. See it for yourself!

The X-Scrub Mini is the only single-pad, folding, 360-degree swivel floor scrubber on the market. Your search for micro autoscrubbers, and compact autoscrubbers is over.
The X-Scrub Mini puts down fresh water each time, scrubs the dirt, and vacuums up the dirty water from the floor. Replace inefficient mops that spread dirty water around the floor and create nasty buildup!

- 1 standard brush.
- Squeegee assembly.
- 1 battery.
- 1 charger.
- 1 brush removal tool.

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