Surface Cleaning Innovations (SCI) was founded by a group of experienced business owners in the commercial cleaning industry who have differentiated themselves through quality, consistency and innovation. 

After many years working in the field, SCI has developed and curated the best cleaning products, equipment and processes to address common challenges for professional specialty cleaners. These commercial cleaning systems are consistent, easy to implement and necessary in extending the life of surfaces and facilities. 

We don’t settle for the quickest or easiest cleaning methods that just give off the appearance of “clean.” We know that just because something looks clean, doesn’t mean it is. The SCI team is constantly experimenting and going beyond industry standards to create healthier, more sustainable interior environments for our customers and their businesses. 

We’re here to help you find the best commercial cleaning solutions to meet the unique needs of your facility. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Reach out to us today!

  • We are redefining clean. 

Our Leading Experts

SCI’s founders have worked together to develop the best cleaning systems available by solving problems they’ve experienced themselves during 35+ years in the commercial cleaning industry.

  • Our Mission

    To connect people to innovative specialty cleaning solutions that empower success.

Our Core Values

In everything we do, we aim to set the new industry standard for specialty cleaning. These guiding principles help us to do so by being engrained in everything we do.

  • Health & Sustainability

    Protecting people and their environments.

  • Excellence

    Strive for nothing less.

  • Customer Experience

    Serving ourselves and others well.

  • Integrity

    The right way is the only way.

  • Innovation

    Always searching for the better answer.