Neal Peters


Neal Peters is the President of SCI. Along with sharing management responsibilities, he oversees the research and development, operations, and strategic planning of the company. 

Neal loves to solve problems for customers, finding excitement in discovering needs and figuring out solutions for them. He has noticed issues in the commercial cleaning industry caused by fragmented systems that give inconsistent results. This has given him a passion for creating systems that work and are easy to implement and providing the support needed for his clients' success.

He grew up working in his family’s wholesale distribution business and found it exciting to interact with customers and operate a small business. This led him to getting his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee, specializing in management and marketing. Neal became interested in commercial carpet cleaning, realizing the cleaning industry had major issues that were contributing to customers' dissatisfaction with their carpet investment. He launched DPM Carpet Care in 1997 with the goal to make a system that would create better carpet life, cleaner facilities, and better indoor air quality. Since then, the company has grown to be a complete facility surface care company known as DPM Surface Care.

When he’s not working, Neal loves to spend time outdoors, whether it be boating, hiking, fishing, or playing golf.


  • IFMA Knoxville
  • BOMA Knoxville
  • Accredited Infection Prevention Expert