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Surface Cleaning Innovations

(1) NXT (Encapsulation)

(1) NXT (Encapsulation)

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NXT - The unique low moisture encapsulation cleaner/protector, is for all types of commercial carpet and fabric care. NXT is the “Next” generation encapsulation cleaner that has been built through years of research of encapsulation product performance to identify the key elements required to create the most advanced commercial encapsulation product in the industry. NXT is an incredible cleaner that encapsulates with a very thin layer of molecular water-soluble polymer that dries to a crystalline residue encapsulating everything it touches then it easily fractures under foot traffic or vacuuming for quick removal of the captured soil. This advanced product also provides protection that resists staining and re-soiling for extended appearance retention, easier spot removal, and continual soil release with regular scheduled maintenance. The performance of NXT is unmatched in the industry.
NXT powers through embedded soil and breaks down most stains with ease. NXT is safe to use, will not damage carpets, and incorporates Fibershield™ technology, enabling encapsulated soil to be continually removed from the carpet with subsequent vacuuming.
NXT is versatile and can be applied in many ways (Cylindrical Brush Machines, Cimex Brush Machines, Rotary Brush, Bonnet/Pad, Orbital, small hand brush or sponge, stair or small brush machines). NXT is also a fantastic general spotter for all types of carpet and fabrics.

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