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Invisible Shield Pro 15

Invisible Shield Pro 15

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Is a New complex, high performance, Nano Scale glass coating with UV Initiator Technology. It provides superior water, soil & stain protection for glass, porcelain and ceramic surfaces that is unmatched world-wide. It is designed to be used with the Invisible Shield MICROBURST Glass Coating Application Machine. The IS PRO 15 Glass Coating is solvent based; UV & IR curable and is storage stable (unlimited shelf life) and safe on all AR, laminated/insulated and other types of glass.Important Surface Care Benefits:

Important Surface Care Benefits:
Durable Nano-Protective Technologies
Repels Water, Soil & Stains
Protects Surfaces for Easier Cleaning and Maintenance
Prevents Mineral & Soil build-up
Improves Appearance
Keeps Surfaces Sanitary
Saves Time, Labor & Chemicals
User Safe & Environmentally Compliant
Improves Scratch Resistance up to 92.9%

(Available in: Liter (960 ml), 1 Gallon (3.78L), 5 Gallon (1.8927ml) and 55 Gallon and 20 Liter Drums)

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