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GVX is an Extraction and Spotting product designed to deodorize and sanitize. A specialized carpet sanitizer and deodorizer specifically designed for removing difficult odors and organic materials from carpet and fabric. It uses a unique blend of natural biocidally active ingredients and is completely biodegradable. GVX is formulated to encapsulate soil as it dries to resist re-soiling.
GVX utilizes pharmaceutical-grade Australian Tea Tree Oil as a base for it’s cleaning and odor-removal efficacy. For many years, Tea Tree Oil has been recognized as a biocidal agent and is listed by the United States FDA as a natural bacteriostatic material. Pro Concentrate has a natural affinity and ability to clean, degrease, and deodorize virtually any surface, floor, or counter materials. For urine, GVX is unique because it is effective on both the uric acid and the odor-causing bacteria. It’s not magic… it’s science!

Stain removal, deodorization, pet odor (urine, feces, and vomit), or carpet, textiles, hard surface flooring and much more!

- Safely and completely eliminates BOTH organic stains and odors.
- Safe to use around children and pets.
- Safe to use on carpets and fabrics including Stainmaster® carpets and Teflon® treated textiles.
- Safe for use on hard surfaces and flooring.
- Made with sustainably harvested Australian Tea Tree Oil.

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