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Cimex Carpet Machine

Cimex Carpet Machine

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The Cimex Carpet Machine utilizes a superior counter planetary motion to lift the dirt from soiled carpeting. The large main head spins in one direction while the three smaller brush heads spin in the opposite direction. This results in a consistent cleaning motion that carefully agitates the fibers while creating pile lifting. Combine this unique motion with the science of advanced NXT encapsulation technology and the result is the best possible solution for commercial carpet cleaning.
The Cimex Carpet Machine is easy and efficient to to use! The counter rotating heads keep it stable and is used in straight lines for consistent application through light agitation with a floating head and even weight distribution. The Cimex does not have weight heeling, rotary twisting, and NO heat buildup so it is safe for use on carpet when using the proper SCI brush system. The Cimex only takes a few moments to teach a staff member how to operate the best commercial carpet encapsulation cleaning machine available in the market today. Stay cleaner longer using the science of NXT encapsulation.
- Cleans up to 3000 sq. ft. per hour
- Low moisture means carpets dry quickly
- No soil-attracting residue left behind
- Easy operation and maintenance
Huge selection of brushes and heads for every type of carpet, hardsurface, concrete, etc.

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