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Accelerator 30 (Quick Dry) Zinc Cross Link Finish

Accelerator 30 (Quick Dry) Zinc Cross Link Finish

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Accelerator 30 is a two coat high solids advanced floor finish. Equal to five coats of other finishes. A true 30% n.v. solids coating, applied at twice the rate of standard floor polish is a quick way to protect a floor. Two coats yields the durability of five coats of other 20% solids floor polish. This self-sealing formula resists detergents, powdering, yellowing, scuffing and black marks. Recommended as a topcoat on decorative concrete jobs to create gloss uniformity. Dry times as short as 30 minutes with correct air movement. This strong coating does not swirl when burnished. (Health and Environment)
Contains no formaldehyde. Contains no APEOs which may become environmental hormones. Contains no PFOS based fluorosurfactants.

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