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BioSafe Mr. Eats-It (Acrylic) Floor Finish Stripper/Remover

BioSafe Mr. Eats-It (Acrylic) Floor Finish Stripper/Remover

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Bio-based using natural microbial ingredients.
BioSafe Mr. Eats-It (Acrylic) Floor Finish Remover/Cleaner

A powerful microbial based solution for removing floor wax/finish.
Key Features:
• Effectively strips wax/floor finish from VCT, VAT, Ceramic and Porcelain tile, sheet vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo tile, and concrete
• Removes all coats of wax/finish in one application
• Virtually no odor; no harmful fumes
• Non-caustic
• Does not need to be neutralized
• Slipping hazards are greatly reduced
• Does not use hot water to activate
• Complete jobs 75% faster than traditional chemical stripper/removers
• Able to complete large jobs with just one person
• Safe to use on all surfaces where wax/finish has been applied.

Will not damage flooring.


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