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BioSafe Mr. Eats It FOG (Food-Organic-Grease) Remover/Cleaner

BioSafe Mr. Eats It FOG (Food-Organic-Grease) Remover/Cleaner

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Bio-based using natural microbial ingredients
BioSafe - Mr. Eats It FOG is a specially formulated microbial cleaner designed to safely remove food-grade oils, fats, grease, protein, cellulose, starch, human and animal waste.  Our unique formula penetrates into all cracks, crevices, and pores of the surface allowing deep cleaning without leaving any chemical residue.  Mr. Eats It FOG will not damage concrete, metal, plastic, asphalt, or coated/sealed surfaces.  

Applications for Mr. FOG are virtually endless:
- (Powerful) Microbe-Powered cleaner that dissolves fats, oils and greasy soils as well as food waste on carpet and hard floors.
- (Fast) Provides a “deep cleaning” quickly penetrating embedded oil, grease and soil from floors, walls and equipment.
- (Versatile) Eliminates greasy, oily, slippery floors, controls odors and treats drains, and grease traps.
- Works fantastic on all types of rubber flooring with unmatched cleaning capability.
- Cleaning and maintaining clogged grease traps and drain lines
- Septic tanks and leach fields
- RV black and gray water lines
- Vomit and blood clean up
- Bathroom cleaner – Excellent urine and odor remover!

Mr. FOG literally eats toilet tissue, hair, starch, proteins, organic waste, blood, vomit, animal and human waste and more!

The microbes in Mr. FOG Concentrate degrades and eliminate organic odor-causing materials, providing long-term odor control.

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