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Ultra Durable

UltraSpartic 85 FAST

UltraSpartic 85 FAST

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UltraSpartic 85-FAST (US85-FAST)<P>

UltraSpartic 85-FAST (US85-FAST) dries quickly, making it perfect for fast recoating and/or return-to-service times, cold temperatures, and dry climates.<P>


    • Low VOC (50-state VOC and DOT compliant)<br>
    • Low odor<br>
    • Excellent UV stability<br>
    • Tintable with UltraColor Pigment Packs<br>
    • DOT and IATA (air) non-regulated<br>
  • Solids Level: 85%<br>
  • Dry Time: 2 hours<br>
  • Working Time: 12 minutes<br>
  • Viscosity: Low = (150 CPS)<br>
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