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Surface Cleaning Innovations

Hi Reach Eagle 38 / Ultimate Plus Kit

Hi Reach Eagle 38 / Ultimate Plus Kit

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The Eagle Ultimate-Plus is the perfect kit for cleaning high levels, surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. With 11 poles and a full 50′ working length of poles this kit allows a single person to easily and safely reach 50′.

All the CHS Eagle Kits, all the poles, heads and brushes lock together for total operator and area safety with a “Safety Locking Mechanism”. The unique XL carbon fiber heads fully interlock with all of the heads and poles, they can also form an ergonomic support handle for additional operator comfort. Cleaning can be performed upwards, horizontally and downwards without fear of separation.

The high-level cleaning systems provide a fast, safe, time and money saving way of removing built up dust and dirt at high levels. Cleaning with 2 feet safely on the floor reduces or removes the liabilities of leaving the ground and the need for additional manpower, costly scaffolding, platforms or lifts.

Eagle kits are accessorized with a full range of unique cleaning heads, brushes and tools to provide a range of options for cleaning any high-level area including pipes, ducts, vents, ceilings, ledges, walls, ceilings, balconies and more.

The high-quality rigid Eagle Carbon Fiber poles keep weight to a minimum and maintain the durability and strength for rigorous and heavy-duty cleaning to be easily performed.

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