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Hi Reach Eagle 38 / Essential Kit

Hi Reach Eagle 38 / Essential Kit

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With 5 poles and a full working length of 20′ the Eagle EG38/Essential is the perfect starter kit for cleaning mid-height levels, surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. This kit allows a single person to easily and safely reach 20′ or more. Ideal for office, retail, food-service, healthcare, libraries, schools, religious and community facilities with mid-high level ceilings.

The high-level cleaning systems provide a fast, safe and cost-efficient way of removing built up dust and dirt at high-levels. Cleaning with 2 feet safely on the floor reduces or removes the liabilities of leaving the ground and the need for costly scaffolding or hydraulic lifts.

Rigid Carbon Fiber poles and heads, light and versatile brushes that connect to any common commercial or industrial vacuum make this 1-1/2″ diameter kit the perfect equipment for cleaning high areas.

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