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Doodle Skate

Doodle Skate

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The Doodle Skate baseboard and edge scrubber. The Doodle Skate converts the innovative Doodle Scrub EBG-9 into one of the most highly effective baseboard scrubbing machines available. The Doodle Skate smoothly rolls on 4 non-marking wheels, while scrubbing baseboards at 410 rpm. With smooth pivoting action, the Doodle Skate easily adjusts to wall contours. Unlike the upright baseboard attachments that simply hit against the baseboard, the Doodle Skate makes full pad contact to efficiently deep clean baseboards, stair risers, tile & grout, and more. Like all Square Scrub products, the Doodle Skate makes one more tough job easy.

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